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Can You Spot…


  • The timbers above the upstairs bay doors? They are rough-hewn, and some still have bark on them. You might see the grooving that aided the barn raisers to get the big beams upright. These huge timbers were likely chestnut, a tree which once abounded in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania.

  • The fieldstone and mortar foundation?

  • The sash windows in the gables of the roof?

  • The sturdy planks which served as the threshing floor in the second floor of the barn?

  • In the toy room and the book room, old exterior windows?

  • The double-leaved Dutch door, where customers used to enter to buy peaches in the late summer, and apples in the fall?

  • The hole cut in the upper barn door, which let the barn cats roam up and down the stairs in their search for rats and mice?

  • The stone-lined underground room once used as a root cellar to keep apples, potatoes and other root crops over the winter?

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